The Macrobiotic Online Course

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An online certificate course in macrobiotic healing, counseling,  and guidance

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In this first of its kind course combining video, audio, print and live interaction, students around the world have the opportunity to study all facets of macrobiotics with Edward Esko, associate of Michio Kushi and Founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI.) The Macrobiotic Online Course is designed to enable students to gain ongoing benefit from their daily practice of macrobiotics while developing the knowledge and skill to guide and counsel others toward health and happiness. The Macrobiotic Online Course is divided into three 12-week courses:


Level One: Core Macrobiotic Studies

Level Two: Foundations of Healing

Level Three: Advanced Applications of Healing


Levels One and Two are open to everyone. Level Three is open only to graduates of Levels One and Two.

The Macrobiotic Online Course is also offered in Arabic and through IMI Malaysia.

The Macrobiotic Online Course
  • Core Macrobiotic Studies

  • Foundations of Healing

  • Advanced Applications of Healing