Macrobiotic Online Cooking Course

With Sheri Demaris

This introductory Course offers students the unique opportunity to participate in live cooking demonstrations by Sheri Demaris over Skype and participate in practice cooking experiences with feedback and discussion complementing each class. Classes will be comprehensive in nature and the Course consists of a ten week program with video, handbook, and live sessions. Topics covered include setting up one's kitchen, choosing the best quality ingredients, menu planning tips for saving time in the kitchen, and simple meal preparation. The Macrobiotic Online Cooking Course will provide all the tools needed to establish a strong foundation of macrobiotic cooking with confidence.

Skype Session Times: 2 hours

Materials for Class: Cookbook: Macro Magic for Kids and Parents by Sheri Demaris


Session  1

Setting Up Your Intention in the Kitchen

Readings: Chapters One, Two and Three

Interactive Cooking Session

In this interactive show and tell, Sheri will discuss setting up the kitchen and getting ready to cook.

Interactive Follow Up Discussion

The Magic Begins: Setting Up Your Intention in the Kitchen/Food Choices

The Magic Wand: Your Kitchen Equipment/Sharpening Knives

True Alchemy: Styles of Cooking

Session 2

Beginning the Meal with Soups

Readings: Chapter 4: The Recipes and Simmering Soups

Interactive Cooking Session

Fundamentals of making good quality miso and other soups.

Interactive Follow Up Discussion

Review of Student Soup Dishes

Types of Soups (Creamy, Savory, Grain/Bean, Broths and Stocks)

Session 3

Setting Up Your Plate: Planning Your Meal Around Whole Grains

Readings: Chapter4: Magical Main Courses

Interactive Cooking Session

Fundamentals of cooking whole grains, preparing a balanced brown rice and other whole grain dishes in the kitchen.

Interactive Follow Up Discussion

Review of Student Grain Dishes

Types of Grain Dishes

Menu Planning

Using Leftovers

Session 4

Complementing Your Plate

Readings: Chapter 4: Sensational Salads

Interactive Cooking Session

Styles of Cooking Vegetable Dishes

Interactive Follow Up Discussion

Review of Student Vegetable Dishes

How to Incorporate Vegetables in Soups, Salads, Side Dishes, and Appetizers

Session 5

Basic Sea Vegetable Dishes

Readings: Chapter 4: Mystical Mini Courses

Interactive Cooking Session

Getting Familiar with Sea Vegetables

Interactive Follow Up Discussion

Review of Student Sea Vegetable Dishes

How to Incorporate Sea Vegetables in Soups, Salads, Side Dishes, Appetizers, and Condiments

Online Fermentation Workshop

With Alice Fava

In this six week, hands on food production program, Alice Fava will teach you how to make sauerkraut, sourdough starter, amazake, natto, mochI, and much more. You will be provided with a list of ingredients prior to each session and asked to make some preparations prior to class. During the 2-hour class, you will follow Alice step-by-step as she demonstrates and guides you as you create your own natural homemade pickles and products in the comfort of your kitchen!


Class 1

Sauerkraut and Sourdough Starter

Iota (Borlotti Beans with Sauerkraut)

Class 2

Kimchi (White Kimchi and Hot Kimchi)

Kimchi Soup

Class 3

Middle Eastern Turnip Pickles, Pickled Beets, Sourdough Flatbread


Class 4

Miso and Tempeh

Tempeh with Sauerkraut Wrapped in Kimchi

Class 5

Fermented Rice and Mung Beans

Idlis with Chutney

Class 6

Amasake and Mochi

Mochi with Sauerkraut, Sweet Raisin-Cinnamon Mochi