About the Nine Star Ki Online Course

In this first of its kind course combining video, audio, and live interaction, students will have the opportunity to study all facets of the Nine Star Ki system of astrology. The Course is presented by Edward Esko, co-author with Michio Kushi of the best selling book, Nine Star Ki, former Director of Education at the Kushi Institute, and founder of the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI).


The Nine Star Ki Online Course is designed to enable students to utilize this ancient system to understand character, personality, relationships, health, and individual and planetary destiny. Aside from gaining skills to apply Nine Star Ki for personal health and success, students will develop skills necessary to guide and counsel others. The Nine Star Ki Online Course is presented as a series of four consecutive weekly sessions.



A presentation of the meaning of the primary or year of birth number, including guidelines for determining your primary number and a description of the Nine Star Types. Includes an explanation of how the nine numbers and five energies interact with each other and thus affect human relationships, including those between partners, parents and children, friends and family.



Introduction to the five transformations cycle that gives rise to Nine Star Ki; the daily, lunar, and seasonal cycles. Introduction to the magic table or standard Nine Ki chart. An explanation of the Nine Star Types based on the year of birth. Study of relationships based on the primary Nine Ki numbers, including the family mandala. How to determine the second number based on the month of birth.


Student Handbook

An outline of Course materials covering each of the topics covered in the class sessions. The Handbooks serves as a reference guide for self-study and the curriculum for the live online sessions.


Live Interactive Session

A live presentation of the Class 1 curriculum with Edward Esko, with questions, answers, and active discussion.



An explanation of the home positions of the nine numbers and why each number is placed in its home position. A summary of Nine Ki relationships and a discussion of the U.S. presidential election from the Nine Ki perspective. How to calculate the second or month number and its relationship to the primary year number. The 81 character types based on Nine Star Ki. Three sets of relationships between the primary and secondary numbers. How to determine the third number and what the third number means..



A review and definition of the basic yearly number and the secondary monthly number. How to understand the dynamic between the year and month number, including creating a personal mandala. Discussion of the home positions and how they influence destiny. Presentation of 5 Soil dangers for society. Predestination versus free will. Special study of destiny as it appears in the lines of the palm. An explanation of the movement of the numbers and the meaning of the various houses.


Live Interactive Session

A live presentation of the Class 2 curriculum with Edward Esko, with questions, answers, and active discussion.



How the numbers move through the Nine Ki chart. The meaning of the nine houses and what to expect when your number occupies each house. Understanding 5 Soil danger in terms of world events. A presentation of universal cycles that influence personal and planetary destiny.



Nine Star Ki in movement and travel. The four bad directions according to Nine Star Ki. Meaning of the An Ken Satsu position. The relationship between small and large cycles, including long-term cycles of history and human destiny, all of which are examples of fractal patterns. An explanation of the origins of the ancient Nine Star Ki Calendar as it relates to current and future events, including a study of the 25,800-year cycle that governs human destiny and civilization.


Live Interactive Session

A live presentation of the Class 3 curriculum with Edward Esko, with questions, answers, and active discussion.


Personal Nine Ki Reading and Forecast

Students receive a personal Nine Ki Reading from Edward Esko with guidance and advice tailored to his or her specific needs.


Audio: Overview of Nine Star Ki

An audio summary of the Nine Star Ki Online Course. Topics include: the order of the universe; cycles of change, the nine numbers; the five transformations; yin and yang and the Nine Ki cycle; the Nine Star Types and personality traits; Nine Star Ki in relationships; the meaning of the nine positions or houses; Nine Star Ki in personal destiny from year to year.

Handbook: Overview of Nine Star Ki

A printed guidebook matching the Overview of Nine Star Ki Audio and summarizing the Nine Star Ki Online Course.




*Digital Studies (Audio and Video): Approximately 12 hours

*Live Skype Studies with Edward Esko: Once per week for 4 weeks/2 hours per session



Students who complete the Nine Star Ki Online Course will receive a Certificate of Completion from the International Macrobiotic Institute (IMI) signed by Edward Esko, Founder.

Language of Instruction: English