Educational Services

Macrobiotic Dietary Counseling

Learn how to begin and maximize your practice of the macrobiotic diet and way of life with guidance personally tailored to your individual needs. Counseling sessions include a review of your health needs, advice on foods that benefit and those that inhibit your condition, detailed lists of helpful foods arranged by category, home remedies, and lifestyle suggestions. Guidelines for shopping, kitchen setup, and recipes are also presented. Counseling by phone and Skype are also available.

Weight Loss Counseling

Learn how to manage your weight successfully using the macrobiotic diet and way of life. Counseling sessions include a discussion of your personal needs, plus guidelines for adopting and maintaining a healthful weight-loss regimen. Guidelines for shopping, kitchen setup, and menu planning are also provided.


Lectures and Cooking Classes

The IMI can arrange group of private cooking classes, tutorials, and lectures. Cooking classes typically include detailed step-by-step instruction on the preparation of complete macrobiotic and vegan meals, with a focus on fresh, local, and organic ingredients. Serving, arranging, and enjoying the meals prepared in class will be included.